What Is Phalanx Strength

Phalanx Strength & Conditioning (it’s pronounced “faye-lanks”) is a 100% independent, veteran-owned gym. We specialize in personalized barbell training in both private and semi-private settings.

This is the strength training facility I’ve been searching for. My only regret is not finding out about it sooner.
— Ken R., Member

What is a phalanx?

A phalanx is a closed-rank, heavy infantry formation popularized by the ancient Greek hoplites. Soldiers in a phalanx fight shoulder-to-shoulder, interlocking shields to form an unbreakable wall.

We adopted the principle. At our gym, you train in small groups, building teamwork, encouragement, and feeling the support you need to build your best self.

The Mission

We built Phalanx Strength to be different from "normal gyms," to provide the best equipment, best coaching, and best environment. Why? So you can have the best experience, and build the best you.

Our mission is to provide the best coaching and training environment possible so our members can become the strongest versions of themselves.

Contractors, students, lawyers, police officers, federal agents, soldiers, teachers, firefighters... We cut through the fitness industry BS to empower our members with the tools and training to achieve their goals.


Everything You Need:

COACHING. Every training session is designed and led by an experienced coach every time so that you avoid injury and build better technique.

CAMARADERIE. We don't train alone. Why? Because training with other like-minded people leads to better motivation and better results. 

TIME. If you've been to a gym during rush hours, you know the pain of waiting on someone else to finish their set so you can use the equipment. We let you book your own sessions from anywhere with our app so that you can get your training done without waiting and get back to living your life.

I’ve seen complete beginners, who have never touched a barbell, come in here and within a few days, their form looks impeccable. If you want to get started with barbell training, definitely check this place out!
— Joe C., Member

We’re proud to offer to two levels of comprehensive service to help you achieve your strength goals.

SGT: Small-group training

Small-Group Training is a hybrid, semi-private training membership that bridges the gap between personal training and group classes and makes high-quality coaching more affordable and fun. Each 60-minute training block has a limit of 5-to-1 athletes-per-trainer to ensure for proper supervision and create a safe training environment.

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personal training

This is the classic personal training experience. 60-minutes of 1-on-1 coaching in a 100% private setting. Training methodology is the same as with SGT, but focused solely on you.

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What Makes Us Different?

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  • Methodology: Our programming is based around the most empirical, time-proven strength training methodologies available with decades of real-world, proven results.

  • Accountability: You'll work out in a supportive, encouraging team environment that celebrates your achievements and motivates you to work hard and achieve even better results.

  • Safety: With an experienced strength trainer running every single training session, you'll always have a spotter to minimize injury risk and maximize your results.

  • Privacy: In our private gym setting, you'll never have to wait for a piece of equipment and you'll never deal with rude or obnoxious people during busy times.

We don't believe in wasting time or space on things that don't work

Unlike corporate gyms that fill their floorspace with rows expensive, specialized machines that sit empty most of the day, every single piece of equipment in our gym has been hand-picked specifically for its efficacy and versatility in building your best body ever. Our private setting guarantees you'll never have to wait for the equipment or deal with the crowded chaos of peak hours.

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Premium Equipment

All of our barbells and racks are made in the USA by Rogue Fitness.  Our private training facility features:

  • Rogue Ohio Power barbells and Rogue Bella 2.0 women's barbells
  • Thousands of pounds of both Rogue Olympic-sized machined steel and rubberized, color-coded bumper plates
  • Three Rogue power racks with 3x3 steel construction and pin safeties. Two heavy-duty Rogue squat stands with 3x3 steel construction safety arms
  • Rogue Stainless steel dog sled and hybrid farmer's handles for conditioning circuits
  • Our training area features 8mm rubberized flooring with additional crash mats for cushioning and protection, while the adjacent turf runway provides over 550 SF of room for sled training, farmer's carries, and tire flipping.
  • Dumbbells, TRX® suspension trainer, multi-grip pull up bars, air conditioning, and much more.