Trevor Cook


Trevor served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom with the United States Army as an Infantry Officer, rifle platoon leader, NATO training advisor, and combat patrol commander. He separated from the Army honorably in 2012 after almost five years.

During his time in the Army, Trevor suffered a catastrophic injury to his right knee while in Airborne jump training at Fort Benning. His ligaments and cartilage were damaged severely during landing, and had to be repaired surgically. It was during this recovery process that he discovered the power of strength training and the effect it had not just on fitness but his entire life.

He has completed the Starting Strength: Complete Method barbell training seminar, holds a CrossFit® Level Two (CF-L2) Trainer's certificate through CrossFit®, Inc., and a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) certification through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

Previously, Trevor has trained clients at Gold's Gym and Equinox. He has trained and programmed for a variety of client demographics, from corporate lawyers and graduate students to SWAT officers and Army Special Forces soldiers.

Outside of the gym, his hobbies include technology and hi-fi audio, PC gaming, though he can most commonly be found at the Lake Baldwin dog park with his rescued dog, Theo.