I’ve seen complete beginners, who have never touched a barbell, come in here and within a few days, their form looks impeccable. If you want to get started with barbell training, definitely check this place out!
— Joe C., Member

We’re proud to offer to two levels of comprehensive service to help you achieve your strength goals.

SGT: Small-group training

Small-Group Training is a hybrid, semi-private training membership that bridges the gap between personal training and group classes and makes high-quality coaching more affordable and fun. Each 60-minute training block has a limit of 5-to-1 athletes-per-trainer to ensure for proper supervision and create a safe training environment.

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personal training

This is the classic personal training experience. 60-minutes of 1-on-1 coaching in a 100% private setting. Training methodology is the same as with SGT, but focused solely on you.

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What Makes Us Different?

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  • Methodology: Our programming is based around the most empirical, time-proven strength training methodologies available with decades of real-world, proven results.

  • Accountability: You'll work out in a supportive, encouraging team environment that celebrates your achievements and motivates you to work hard and achieve even better results.

  • Safety: With an experienced strength trainer running every single training session, you'll always have a spotter to minimize injury risk and maximize your results.

  • Privacy: In our private gym setting, you'll never have to wait for a piece of equipment and you'll never deal with rude or obnoxious people during busy times.